shirley s. leung


#dontbeadick | 2018

“I want to educate people on the concept of consent and how forcing a dick pic on someone violates their consent.”

This piece was inspired by diversity, inclusion and the relationship between humor and discomfort. I wanted to use my art to explore this relationship and education people on the concept of consent. I created a website to advertise this #dontbeadick movement as part of a media campaign. On the website is an embedded simulation of an image randomizer where the viewer can agree to play but will get visually assaulted with the image of a "dick pic." The idea is that the viewer does not want to see the "dick pic" but viewers “cannot unsee what they’ve already seen.” Ask for consent.

Disclaimer: By agreeing to view this video, you are agreeing to see a blurred dick pic. Please be advised.

Tools: HTML, CSS, p5.js, Watercolor Paint, Photoshop 



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