shirley s. leung

Secret Sandbox

Secret Sandbox | 2019

In the same speculative universe as Google For Life, residents of the living facility began to develop a language for the resistance. In a surveilled state, there is a constant need and desire to communicate without being detected by the authorities. Secret Sandbox is a coded non-machine legible system created by the residents to initially express discontent, but eventually became the language of resistance.

This communication happens on the beach of the living facility, where surveillance is less common and is concealed in the course dark sand. Residence use found sea glass and natural clay to create these glyph form blocks that if decoded, represents a phrase or message. Vantablack paint is mixed into the material to avoid detection from the cameras. Because of the properties of the paint, the cameras do not detect any depth of field masking its existence.

Material: Sea Glass, Natural Clay, Sand, Vantablack paint

This project was made in collaboration with June Lee.

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