shirley s. leung

Alternative Realities: "Protect me from what I want"

Alternative Realities | 2019 - ongoing

"Protect me from what I want"

Alternative Realities: “Protect me from what I want” is a physical installation and an immersive experience. It is an ongoing conversation between the artist and participants that explores generative narratives of race, identity, and privilege in the Asian American community. This project interrogates our relationship with technology by using computer predictions as an extension to control our own futures. We tend to make decisions based on a vision of our own future. What happens when these visions differ or never come to fruition? The artist uses the model GPT-2 and trained it using transcripts of narratives about Asian American identities to generate alternative realities and possible futures. While this is an attempt by the artist to control her own future using technology, this is also a speculative, existential, and critical piece about the pervasive power and limitations of technology. 

Generative text cards for wall installation

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