shirley s. leung


MYCO | 2019

Our way of life is shifting as we deepen our consideration of thoughtful and ethical practices, especially when it comes to single use products. Consumers feel the tension between the desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle and access to doing so in a convenient way.

We’re looking into using mycelium as a renewable material to replace plastic and paper plates, and bowls. Because mycelium is a plant-based product, it is specifically the networks of the mushroom plant, mycelium can go right into compose units. It is a strong, durable, and sustainable material.

Myco bowls are created completely out of mycelium mushrooms grown in a hemp substrate. Over time, in the right environment with humidity and oxygen, the mycelium fibers grow over these substrates creating a network for a fibrous, strong, material that develops over the shape it is casted in. Our mycelium bowls are covered in food-grade beeswax to improve the water repellency of the bowls. Some are even infused with herbs and natural flavoring. After use, these bowls, along with the food content can go straight into the compost bin because it is entirely biodegradable.

A project by Shirley Leung, Jae Pearl, Stephanie Murphy

Material: Mycelium growth kit, beeswax, natural flavoring

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