shirley s. leung

Machine Objet D'art

Machine Objet D'art | 2020 

Machine Objet D’art is a collection of wearable art that is created by a collaboration between AI and human. The collection examines the relationship between the designer and technology. The designer in this case is just as important as the algorithm. An algorithm can create the concept but neglects the structural integrity of the actualized physical form. The objects created are therefore hand-selected, designed, and manufactured by hand, resulting in a selection of structural forms. These objects can exist outside of the algorithm, most cannot.

Tools and Methods: Generative Adversarial Networks (StyleGAN and DCGAN), Machine Learning, Python, Data, Autodesk Fusion360, 3D printing, Lost-wax casting, Brass 

GAN of objects 

Objet D'art - Shown in London 

Objet D'art - Shown in London 

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