shirley s. leung


Installation of prototype in New York

(polly)ethylene | 2018

(polly)ethylene is an immersive installation that highlights both the beauty and toxicity found in the cyclical aesthetic of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The piece adopts the abstract molecular form of polyethylene, the most commonly used non-biodegradable plastic in the world. Human interaction causes movement of the sculpture, which captures the tension between biological and artificial systems. The same tension leads to the everyday degradation of spaces, and persistence of manufactured environments.

Material: Arduino, Motor, Ultrasonic sensors, MadMapper, Projector, Laser Cut Acrylic, Metal parts

Designed by: Shirley Leung & Allison Ing

Exhibition: Väre Gallery, Espoo, Finland

Väre Gallery

Photo Credit: Sheung Yiu

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