shirley s. leung

The Interview

The Interview | 2018

Machine decision making is increasingly becoming more influential in our lives. Too often we trust the neutrality of technology to dictate our paths. As we create a vision for our future, we need to be wary that sexism, racism, classism and other forms of discrimination are not being built into these intelligent systems or else we risk mirroring the narrow views of our current and past society. I am exploring these complexities and dangers through the creation of a speculative mix media installation experience titled, “The Interview.” 

I am framing narrative in the context of interviewing for a company. The viewer is invited to sit for an interview and will be analyzed by the machine based off of how they look. Once they are processed, they will be directed which path they should take to get into the company. While inside the company, they will see a physical data visualization of their future in this company they “interviewed” for based off of how they look. This is a critique on the dangers of using historical data to determine one’s future and a direct response to how technology, if misused, can help reinforce certain societal structures that permanently disenfranchises the underprivileged.

Materials: JavaScript, Face++ API, Computer, Camera, LED Lights, Black Net Fabric, Steel Poles 

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